Day 1 adventures

We’re here! 20 tired but very happy travellers have landed in Hanoi, and are currently lounging around in our comfortable hotel. We needed a rest after our massive airline adventures – Melbourne to Bangkok, then Bangkok to Hanoi, and arriving at 11am local time (3pm Melbourne time). We were greeted at the airport by students and teachers from our Vietnamese sister school, who took us on a bus straight to a pho restaurant. Yum! Tonight they are taking us out to dinner. We haven’t stopped eating!

10 thoughts on “Day 1 adventures

  1. Awesome to hear that you all made it safely. The photos are great to see….food looks so yummy, very jealous. Everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves. Enjoy!!!

  2. Hello PNE Adventurers!
    Great to hear and see you are all making the most of your trip. I feel like some Pho now. Looking forward to more pics and updates.
    Cheers Sala

  3. Hi everyone! How was the pho? Looks delicious! You all look like very happy campers and we can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. We miss you so much!! Hugs from 5/6H!

  4. glad to hear you arrived safely, hope you all have a great time and cannot wait to hear of your trip from Eliza when you get back.

    Regards from Eliza’s Nan & Pop

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