Day 2

Today we are going to hear how the day went from the students point of view.Sara-
My favorite part of the day was probably when we entered the golden temple because the tradition there is cool and seeing the Buddha was awesome. Just going on the trip around and seeing how the people there live is just so different. Seeing the school was awesome you can always be popular and the kids there are so friendly. The school compared to us is different, our school is built out-wards and there school is built up. They are so welcoming and friendly, staying here is AWESOME! Mirani-
Today was such an adventurous day! We started off the morning with a fancy breakfast in the kitchen above us and then we drove to the school. We had 3 sessions with the kids and played some badminton and basketball, it was super exciting! After that we headed off to a museum where we visited some traditional buildings and houses and learnt about there heritage and culture! I am absolutely loving my time here in Vietnam!!!!! Juliana-Yesterday for lunch we ate Pho at a restaurant and for dinner we had some chicken or pork and rice. In the morning we ate a fancy breakfast. After that we went to the school and had 3 sessions with the kids, which we played badminton and basketball! Then we went to a museum where we saw some traditional buildings and saw lots of banana trees. I love the time in Vietnam and I’m so exited for tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. Unable to call this morning as there appears to be an issue with the phone line. Will keep trying but can someone let Eliza know that I am trying.

  2. I’m so happy to see from your photos and reading your blogs that you are all enjoying this wonderful opportunity. I’m proud of you all for you. And I’m so grateful of the support our PNE staff. Lap it up

  3. Great photos everyone! Looks like you’re all having a great time at the school and the activities involving Vietnamese culture. The temple looked amazing! Keep having fun!

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