Day 7

Hayley- Today we started off at a team building place where we played  some games. There were 3 games. In the first one you and your team had to use bamboo sticks to get a ball out of a cage that was the height of most of us. You then had to run to a maze game, where everyone had to hold a string connected to the maze board and tilt it many different directions to eventually get a marble from the outside to the centre. When we finished that we had to run over to another activity where there was a string for each person that was connected to a hammer/mallet , and hold that and lower it down fast so that we could hammer a nail into a piece of wood.The first team out of all 3 teams is the winner. First place got 300 points, second got 200 and third got 100 points. I was the captain for my team. We were called the Lucky Team and we got first place!

Amy- We visited the school at another campus, it has grades up to year 12. We all spent two sessions in different classes and met new students and teachers. I had English class first and they had another teacher come in. We learnt about roots from different plants. They have many very small breaks throughout the sessions. During a break, there was an art class in the garden where the teacher showed us how to make a paper face. We used coloured paper and double-sided tape.

Holman-.So today PNE went a different campus to do certain mini games with another school. So before I tell you the mini games I must say some extra information. There are three teams and the captains are Hayley of the Lucky team, then there was I Want Rice lead by little Jin, and last of all the Supreme team lead by Kobe with a rash. Anyways to the games. First was a ball game where you try to lift a ball up out of a cage with sticks. I Want Rice took the first place by storm, then was the Lucky team and then the Supreme. After “stick the ball’ it was the “mini ball maze”. Basically you have to slowly move the ball through a rope maze and again I Want Rice got first, Lucky team got second and finally the Supreme team came last. After that activity it’s now the “get the mallet to hit the nail into a wood block” and surprisingly we got points which was sad for my team. So first was LM, next is IWR, and lastly was TST, and then it was Tug of War. I will say two words “it hurt” and that is it! Next was a try rope, and lastly was tree house building and we did OK.

Luke T – Today in Doan thi Diem, in my classroom, we did Science. Our teacher was from South Africa, and she taught us in English. We learned about different types of plant roots, like the fibrous root (which spreads sideways) and the tap root (which grows downwards). For some reason the teacher was very strict about kids talking Vietnamese. She said they had to speak English while she was around. We also did Art, and we made a mask out of paper and glue.

Luke C – Today we went to a fun and dangerous place where we played some games with the Vietnamese students, like Tug-of-War. There a game where each team had to bang a nail in with a mallet, without touching the handle. Later we played a game where we had to jump in between the moving bamboo sticks and I was good at it.

More from day 4 and 5

Let’s hear what our students have to say about the adventures on Friday and Saturday.


Off we go on our 3 hour bus trip to Vietnam.

Look at the views!

There’s always time for a selfie.

Heading off to the caves.

It’s a boat, no it’s a plane!

Finally, got the hats they were looking for.

Just a small glimpse at our seafood lunch in Ha Long Bay.

Off we go to the theme park.

Look at that roller coaster. It was huge, fast and gut wrenching.

The video does not do it justice.

It was a very long day as you can see below.

Working with clay.

Today is teachers day in Vietnam and we were invited!

Days 4 and 5

We got home at 9pm last night (1am Melbourne time) so there was no chance to post, and we were up and out the door again early this morning. Most of us are currently having a well-earned rest in between events, so this is just a brief update, with more to come later.

Here is a small sample of what we have done in the last 36 hours…

Hayley’s friend Chi came to visit

Ha Long Bay

Exploring the caves

Pork floss sandwiches

These rocks are called the rooster and the hen

The ceramic village

Trying a few new foods!

Red carpet treatment

Snails – delicious!

…and in between all that we visited the Sun World theme park! Stay tuned.

Thursday-Day 3

It was another action-packed day…a soccer tournament, a big day at school, and swimming, before heading back to the school for a delicious dinner of rice paper rolls, rice noodles and fried pork, followed by lots of yummy Vietnamese cakes! Home now for a rest, before we head off to Ha Long Bay at 6:30am tomorrow.Lets hear how the kids went.

Aiden- Today we went to play soccer against the other school/team but sadly it started raining very heavily and everybody went inside, but we didn’t, we stayed outside and played against each other. Finally the rain stopped and everyone came back outside and then we played against them. When the game was over we got to ride a giant blow up caterpillar, then when we were leaving we scraped another bus!

Jin Lam-When I first went to the Vietnamese school I was so surprised about how big the school was. There were 5 floors and there were also 3 separate buildings which are connected using bridges, and it was quite high. I made a friend at the school and she showed me and my friend around the school and it was quite interesting. I had a lot of fun at the school, and I also loved the mango that they provided.

Kobe- In the afternoon we played ultimate Frisbee while the Vietnamese students took a nap. Then they woke up and crowded around us! Then we ate lunch and they had these coffee pudding things – they were so delicious. Then we went to the pool and we played with a water proof Frisbee.

Day 2

Today we are going to hear how the day went from the students point of view.Sara-
My favorite part of the day was probably when we entered the golden temple because the tradition there is cool and seeing the Buddha was awesome. Just going on the trip around and seeing how the people there live is just so different. Seeing the school was awesome you can always be popular and the kids there are so friendly. The school compared to us is different, our school is built out-wards and there school is built up. They are so welcoming and friendly, staying here is AWESOME! Mirani-
Today was such an adventurous day! We started off the morning with a fancy breakfast in the kitchen above us and then we drove to the school. We had 3 sessions with the kids and played some badminton and basketball, it was super exciting! After that we headed off to a museum where we visited some traditional buildings and houses and learnt about there heritage and culture! I am absolutely loving my time here in Vietnam!!!!! Juliana-Yesterday for lunch we ate Pho at a restaurant and for dinner we had some chicken or pork and rice. In the morning we ate a fancy breakfast. After that we went to the school and had 3 sessions with the kids, which we played badminton and basketball! Then we went to a museum where we saw some traditional buildings and saw lots of banana trees. I love the time in Vietnam and I’m so exited for tomorrow!!!!!

Day 1 adventures

We’re here! 20 tired but very happy travellers have landed in Hanoi, and are currently lounging around in our comfortable hotel. We needed a rest after our massive airline adventures – Melbourne to Bangkok, then Bangkok to Hanoi, and arriving at 11am local time (3pm Melbourne time). We were greeted at the airport by students and teachers from our Vietnamese sister school, who took us on a bus straight to a pho restaurant. Yum! Tonight they are taking us out to dinner. We haven’t stopped eating!